10 Best Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iOS

If you are a regular user of smartphones and computers, you might have already heard of the term ‘Screen Mirroring’. For those who are new to this phrase, we are here to explain it to you in detail through this post. In fact, Screen Mirroring is a method that enables the users to share the screen of their mobile device or tablet with some other device such as a PC or Laptop. There could be numerous reasons behind sharing the screen for most of the people. The major benefit of screen mirroring is that you can widen your canvas as the smartphones render only a constrained display in comparison with the computers.

Best Screen Mirroring Apps

We have numerous apps that helps the users to mirror their laptop screen with their smartphone either Android or iOS. Screen Mirroring may not be something new for those who often use it on their devices. However, there are several folks who are pretty new to this concept of sharing the screen. Some of them use this process for streaming and sometimes for acquiring some sort of technical support. Whenever you are unable to rectify the error on your device, you can take the support of your friend through the screen mirroring apps. In this post, we have compiled a huge list of the top 10 best screen mirroring apps for Android and iOS. Have a quick glance!

Screen Mirroring/ Screen Casting Apps for Android & iOS

Screen Mirroring helps the users to access the games, videos, photos and other stuff on the larger screen. Through this exclusive option, the users can access various files without the necessity of transferring them to other devices. Once you install the Screen Mirroring apps on your device, it becomes easy for you to control your computer right from your smartphone. Sometimes, the screen mirroring apps is also known as Screen Casting Apps. It’s quite simple to share the files, encrypted data and more between your mobile and laptop.

The best Screen Mirroring apps are also available for the iOS platform. The iOS users can easily play their desired game or watch their preferred movie through the best screen mirroring apps. All you need to do is to connect your iPhone through the screen mirroring app alongside the Television. Make sure that there is just a small distance between these two devices. This post gathers the list of the best screen mirroring apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Top Most 10 Screen Mirroring Apps for Android and iOS

Take a quick glimpse at the topmost Screen Mirroring apps for Android and iOS devices. Check it out!

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote DesktopChrome Remote Desktop is one of the topmost and popular screen mirroring apps for Android platform. This application helps the users to mirror their computer screen on the smartphone which is pretty reverse to the common screen mirroring apps. Using this app, the users can view the desktop of their laptop or PC right on their mobile. In fact, this app works perfectly with the tablets.

This app works in the best way with the compatibility of Google Chrome browser. It is available for all the Android users absolutely for free of charge without any kind of in-app purchases. The Chrome Remote Desktop delivers high quality video as well as audio for the users. However, some of them might confront some sort of issues while connecting their devices. One can download and install Chrome Remote Desktop from the official Google Play Store.

  1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is another best screen mirroring application that can be used basically for the technical purposes. Through this app, the users can view the desktops and other smartphones whenever necessary. This app is compatible with sound transmission, helps in transferring the files from any of the devices. It is compatible with different platforms that include Windows, Mac, Android and more.

People who use this app for business purpose can pick from a plethora of payment choices. Moreover, it is pretty simple and fast to access TeamViewer app on any of your devices. It is the best app for both the Android and iOS device users. One can remotely access any device through this application. TeamViewer is available to download from the Google Play Store and iTunes for the iOS users. The TeamViewer app is compatible with HD transmission in the real time. There is no gap whenever you are watching HD content on your PC or smartphone.

  1. Google Home

Google Home offers the best screen mirroring options to all the users. Through this app, one can directly share their screen from one device to the Television or other device. Most of the people use this app for streaming movies, videos and more. If you are seeking to view the mobile screen on your Television then, Google Home is the perfect pick.

If you want to make this app work in an advanced manner then, you can either purchase a Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra. The Google Home app is available for all the Android users on Play Store absolutely for free of cost. One can easily setup this app on their devices and connect it to other gadgets within few seconds.



  1. Native Smartphone and Smart TV Monitoring

Native Smartphone and Smart TV MonitoringMost of the smart televisions and smartphones have the ability to screen mirror in a standard way. For instance, most of the Android phones share the screen in a virtual manner with the Chromecast support. If you have accurate equipment in your home, you can easily start screen mirroring with your Android device and TV.





  1. AnyDesk

AnyDeskAnyDesk is another fastest screen mirroring application that enables the users to control the software, files and other content in a remote manner anywhere across the globe. It is quite simple to handle any of the devices using AnyDesk application. Through this application, the users can easily access Windows, Mac and Linux devices right from your Android or iOS devices. This application mainly uses Erlang and RSA Key Exchange technology that lets you secure your information and other data. At the time of screen mirroring, this app provides a unique ID to the users on both the devices. Using the key, the users can connect their devices.



  1. Reflector

Reflector is another best screen mirroring application that enables the users to stream movies, games and more on various devices. It is the best application for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. You can share the screen between iOS and Mac, PC and Television devices. This application offers a simple and easy user interface. Through this app, the users can access the content from iOS device on the bigger screen.





  1. Mirroring360

Mirroring360Mirroring360 is another best screen mirroring application that lets the users to record the iOS device. Through this app, the users can share the data on the larger screen. It is pretty much easy to share the screen of iPhone, iPad devices through the cable to the PC or projector. With the help of the Mirroring360 application, the users can mirror to play games, stream movies and share the presentations. This application provides free trial for about 7 days but with less number of features. If you want to access additional features then, you need to purchase it from the official website of Mirroring360.



  1. AirServer

AirServerAirServer is the perfect application for those who are seeking to mirror the screen. It is the best screen mirroring app for iPhone and other iOS devices. Using this app, the users can mirror iOS device with computer and smart TV. The developers have designed and developed particularly for multiple purposes. One can utilize the AirServer app for various purposes.





  1. IOS Screen Recorder

IOS Screen RecorderIt is another best screen mirroring application available for iPhone and iPad users. This application allows the users to record the screen of your iPhone device. It also lets the users to connect the device with Mac, PC and smart TV. One can easily record the games, videos and other content using iOS Screen Recorder. The iOS Screen Recorder application lets the users to mirror the device and record it with much ease.




  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote DesktopMicrosoft Remote Desktop helps the users to mirror the screen on Android and iOS devices. Using this app, the users can connect their Android or iOS device with other devices. It offers a secure connection so as to safeguard your information, files and apps. Another excellent feature of Microsoft Remote Desktop app is that it offers multi-touch option. The users can stream both the audio and video content through this application. You can easily download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the Google Play Store and iTunes app store marketplaces.





That’s all! This is everything you need to know about the best screen mirroring apps or screen casting applications for Android and iOS devices. Hope this tutorial has helped you to share the files, videos and other content between the Android, iOS and other smart devices. If you have any doubts, just ask us through the comments section provided below

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