Chrome OS may let users find new Linux apps from the App Launcher

Chrome OS may let users find new Linux apps from the App Launcher. This hunt and set up behaviour is a return to an older attribute that we no longer see now in Chrome OS. Currently, to install Android programs and Chrome apps, you have to use the Play Store and Chrome Web Shop, respectively.
Programs are hunted for using Debian’s Advanced Package Tool (or APT), which functions from a listing of online repositories cached to your computer. By default, Chrome OS’s Linux programs support doesn’t include many repositories, but it’s possible this could change because the characteristic leaves beta.

Formerly, it had been possible to set up web apps and Android apps straight from the launcher, but this capacity was eliminated with Chrome OS versions 70. According to the relevant insect, the removal was labeled as being tied into the new”touch-friendly launcher.” Code related to hunting for web apps was removed completely, while the Android app searching was planned to”lie dormant.”

Chrome OS has always been based on Linux, but using its new beta support for Linux apps, the system has been opened into a wealth of powerful new software otherwise inaccessible. The issue is, unless you’re already a Linux guru, you probably don’t have any idea what those Linux programs are. Google is seeking to resolve this by creating Linux programs you can install discoverable from the Chrome OS program launcher.

In a brand new perpetrate posted to Chromium’s Gerrit source code management, we see our first signs of returning behaviour for Chrome OS’s program launcher. By the handy research tool, you will be able to look for Linux apps beyond just the ones you already have set up.

Being able to find and install new applications straight from the program launcher is a very handy feature in my book. Maybe this commit is a sign that we will soon have the ability to search for new Android apps from the Chrome OS launcher re-enabled, along with Linux programs.

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