iMessage on PC – How to Use iMessage on Windows PC & Leptop

Good News is We can use iMessage on Windows PC or Laptop . So in this article we are going see Step by Step instructions to install and use iMessage on PC or Laptop.

iMessage on PC : Download iMessage For Windows PC & Mac

iMessage on PC , Is It Possible ? Here’s How :  How to get iMessage on PC and Windows 10/8/7- Download iMessage For PC (2018-Latest Guide)

iMessage – Instant Messaging App For The Apple Device.

IMessage is one of the cool and new features which is obtainable for iPad and iPhone users. This feature gives those more opportunities to keep in touch with family members, friends, business clients, colleagues and so on. It has the great capabilities which you must definitely take benefit of. IMessage is the instant message service. One can use it to send messages to everyone who has an iPhone and iPad. In order to send a message, it is essential to connect to the internet. You can also make use of wifi. After connecting you can type the message and it will be delivered timely. In addition to the messages, you can also share photos, contacts, videos, and GIF images. In the below section one can get more details about the iMessage.


iMessage For PC App Details

Name iMessage For PC/iMessage For Windows
Windows Supported Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Supported Operating System Windows
Rating 4.7
Total Downloads 50 Million+
Official Website

iMessage on Windows PC

How to Use iMessage on PC (Windows)

IMessage is the free app service from Apple which enables a user of iOS device users to send a text message over an internet connection or by wifi from mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. Previous to iMessage massive numbers of users make use of text message app from the mobile in order to send text messages from their device. When sending messages through the iMessage, the mobile tool message app will initially recognize the receiver of the message previous to sending. And then automatically it sends the messages.

Nowadays the users can effortlessly make out messages sent through the iMessage. One can send unlimited numbers of messages at free of cost through the iMessage. This app also supports photos, web links, location, contacts, videos, GIF images for the user to send. It can also be used to send group messages to numerous people. You can download the iMessage on windows of any types.

Features of iMessage PC App

IMessage is the most popular messaging service among the iOS users. Below mentioned are the features of iMessage app.

  • By using this app, the iOS users can send messages at their data cost without any hassle. So they don’t need to download and install any third party app on their device.
  • With this app, one can obtain the delivery reports and other necessary details. In addition to that this app makes your communication easier and better.
  • It has an excellent interface which comes with the better graphics
  • You can make use of similes and emoticons to send messages
  • As well as you can interact by using video, audio, and photos
  • The message will be delivered fastly and on time
  • Easy & simple to download and install for the Personal Computer
  • In this app, one can also create a chat group their friends within a single click
  • One can send an unlimited message, photos, voice record and documents through this app.
  • Have a wide range of features at free of price
  • IMessage on PC one can type the text at a faster speed with the wider screen size.
  • iMessage download is applicable for any types windows

Reaction and Sticker Features of iMessage

iMessage pc app has sticker and reaction features also which are given below:

  • Group chat

iMessage app is not as like to the standard messaging app. It not simply allows you to talk from one to one communication. But one can also attach with additional than two people at the similar time. Overall you can contain the advantage of group chat in this app.

  • Stickers

One can also make use of the iMessage stickers in order to make your message more communicative. There are more than hundreds of stickers obtainable at free of cost in this app. Also if you need more stickers then you can download it from the play store. And then it will automatically sync with your conversation.

  • Use reactions

iMessage reactions are person’s messages which produce out of understanding someone’s message. Apple provides you with 6 a variety of reactions such as the thumbs up, laughing, heart, a ‘haha’ reaction, exclamation marks, thumbs down and a question mark.

  • Animations

When you use the iMessage app on PC, it provides a request for sending animations. It allows you to transport your communication with different good-looking effects on your chat and your backgrounds as well.

Download iMessage app on PC

These days messaging and chatting is very essential to contact with each other. IMessage is an excellent app for iPad and iPhone users. One can download the iMessage app on PC, any type of window OS as well as Android too. Download and install process of iMessage on PC is so simple and easy. The main issue many of the people facing is that they don’t know how to get iMessage on PC. So in the below section, one can get simple and easy steps to download and install the app on the Personal computer.

Methods to download iMessage on PC

To get iMessage on PC there are three methods available which are given below:

iMessage on PC by using the Chrome Remote Desktop (Method-1)

In order to download the app by using this method you just need to purchase a MacBook or iMac. This method implied the use of remote desktop and with these, you can double the monitor of iMac on the PC. This is a genuine way to use iMessage for PC. The chrome remote desktop is the utility which really let you access the monitor of any other computer remotely. In order to use this method to download you need to make sure that your iMac is on and is obtainable with the good working internet connection. Follow the below given steps to download the app on PC

Step #1. Download the Google Chrome browser on the computers such as PC and Mac.

Step #2. Then search Chrome Remote Desktop on the google chrome.

Step #3. Once the installation is finished click on the Launch APP button.

Step #4. On the iMac, you need an extra program known as the Desktop Host Installer.

Step #5. Then follow the on-screen instructions in order to install the application on the iMac.

Step #6. Then enter the password during the installation.

Step #7. If the installation is completed launch the Chrome Remote Desktop on the iMac. Then you will get the 12 digit number on the window. Note down that and enter the number on PC.

Step #8. Now the code will allow you to access your Mac device remotely.

Step #9. Now start using the iMessage for sending and receiving the messages.

Download by using the iPad emulator (Method-2)

IPad is the most useful emulators made for PC. With this, you can simply emulate iOS on the PC based machine. So you can easily download the iMessage by using the iPad emulator for pc. One can also access anything obtainable on the iOS system from the computer. Here the below mentioned are the steps to use this method to download the app:

  • First, you need to download the iPadian installer
  • Once the download is finished, just run the .exe installer file to install the iPadian
  • If the software gets installed on the PC then you need to run the similar.
  • During the first running process, you will be encouraged to sign with your Apple user ID and password. If you don’t have, create the new one
  • Now you enclose access to the iOS system from the PC.
  • Look for the iMessage in the apps and install it to start using on PC

Get iMessage on PC by using the BlueStacks (Method-3)

This is the quite simple and easy way to use iMessage on the PC. Just you need to install the BlueStacks to get the app. Here in the below section, you can get simple and easy steps to install the iMessage app on PC by using the BlueStacks:

  • First, you need to download BlueStacks Android emulator
  • Then install the BlueStacks
  • Now search iMessage in the search tab
  • Finally, download and install the iMessage App and make use of it

Download and install by using the CYDIA (Method-4)

The person who needs to install the iMessage for windows can make use of the CYDIA method to download. This is another method to download the iMessage on Windows PC. Follow the simple and easy steps to enjoy chatting with your family members and friends via iMessage.

  • Initially download the CYDIA on your Personal computer
  • If the download is over, then the Cydia comes with an application store on the phone
  • Now open the CYDIA app
  • Then search for remote messages
  • Install the Cydia app and wait for few minutes for the process to get finished
  • Now go to the settings tab
  • Then select the Remote messages
  • A window will open now with the Use authentication option.
  • Now tap on it to allow it
  • Create the username and password now. Then ensure that your iOS device, as well as Personal computer, is connected with the Wifi
  • Now open the browser in the PC
  • And then enter the IP address under the permit tab
  • Now enter colon
  • Click on the enter button now and you will see the window on time with the user and password details
  • Fill the details in the required field correctly
  • The click on it
  • Now the setup is completed
  • Finally, you are done with the remote connection
  • Now set up your device to obtain iMessage for iMessage on windows 10

As said above the iMessage is the instant messaging app made by App. This app allows the iPhone and iPad users to chat with anyone. Now the application can even use it on the Windows PC. Are you looking for the best ways to download Apple iMessage for pc? If so then make use of anyone above mentioned method to download the iMessage on Personal computer.

How to Make Use of iMessage On Pc?

iMessage for Windows PC is extremely helpful and easy to use app which provides a wide range of benefits. Follow the below given steps to make of the iMessage for pc.

  • First, click on the iMessage application button to allow it.
  • Now open the settings
  • And click on the iMessage button.
  • Then create your Apple id by entering the username and password.
  • If you contain previously with this then just log in
  • Now hit it off on create button in the top right corner.
  • Then write your message and hit on the send button.
  • Likewise, you can make sure that you have sent the message by using iMessage
  • If the send key turns blue then you can send the message.
  • Or else if the send button turns green then it will send by the message.
  • If you need to attach any video file, then click on the camera button at the bottom left corner
  • Now hit there
  • Then you can attach whatever file you desire to.
  • Now click on media you need to add to your message.
  • It is now attached you can send it as effortlessly as other messages.
  • IMessage on PC is not obtainable in windows store. It is accessible only on the App Store. But one can download the iMessage for devices of Android.

Final verdict

As mentioned above the iMessage app is one of the instant messaging applications which are available for only iPhone and iPad users. This app has recently improved among the users in the present scenario. Those who need to download the iMessage windows can make use of simple and easy methods to download and install it without any hassle.